Agga Capital is a crypto-oriented investment firm with a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies, digital assets, blockchain start-ups, and highly-liquid tokenized asset classes.


Mark Offerman Chief Executive Officer

Jesper Maassen Chief Investment Officer


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Koninginnegracht 5

2514 AA, The Hague

The Netherlands


CONTACT: +31 (0) 70 312 0 312

KVK: 71083073


— A crypto-oriented trading firm

Agga Capital is an algorithmic trading firm focussed on digital assets.

Agga Capital is concentrates on capturing value from the emerging cryptocurrency sector. To do this, we currently operate a proprietary trading firm, as well as releasing high-demand SaaS apps for traders. Our team has experience ranging from discretionary trading, quantitative trading systems and computer sciences. We are developing a robust trading system capable of trading on many (and between) exchanges. We have an alpha version of the system working. The goal is the run a diverse set of portfolio’s utilising active capital management through algorithmic/systematic trading.