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Agga Capital is a rapidly growing proprietary trading firm focused on digital assets.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have revolutionized investment, technology and human interaction. They open up a huge set of opportunities and brand new global market. At Agga, we believe in the power of digital assets and we create value for our shareholders through quantitative trading.


We have developed a robust trading system designed to thrive in this new ecosystem. At it’s center, we have our optimisation engine that applies various methods to historical and actual market data. This allows us to be ahead of the market and maneuver the volatile landscape of digital assets without emotional or behavioural biases.


Moreover, our returns are not directly proportional to the performance of these asset classes. Through active management we are not reliant on an asset simply increasing in value over time. Instead, we develop strategies that seek an edge through a mixture of long and short-term market patterns. This allows us to be adaptive to the ebbs and flows of the digital asset markets.


If you are looking for a partner in this new world of digital assets, we’d love to talk with you — You can find our contact details below.

Working with us.

Agga is a crypto-oriented trading company. Agga Capital trades diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies and digital products. We believe in a future where these types distributed technologies will drastically change our lives and our way of interacting with each other. We invest time and capital into this new exciting ecosystem and have a lot of fun doing this. Likewise we invest in talented, highly motivated people since they hold the key to our success. Office located in The Hague, Netherlands.

Quantitative analyst (internship)

Up for a challenge? Do you see yourself as part of a young, dynamic and dedicated team? Are you ready to give it your all and learn the tricks of the trading industry? Then you might be the ideal  Quantitative Analyst that we are looking for!


As a quant, you are at the heart of our operations. Alongside our investment team, you manage and optimise our position using a wide range of financial products. In this sense, you will be working on projects that will influence the figures of the firm. You formulate innovative trading strategies and – together with our engineers – develop trading systems and tools that allow us to capitalise on opportunities effectively.


It’s not a problem if you do not have a great deal of knowledge about financial markets or cryptocurrencies, although it is important that you’re eager to learn and have have an affinity with these markets.  We will walk you through the ecosystem and cover all facets of the trading processes. Our quants actively build and enhance the quality of our electronic trading strategies, requiring superior analytical, mathematical, and computing skills.


As an intern at Agga you will be supported by a mentor who will oversee your projects and professional development. You will have access to mock trading and desk rotations, not to mention our incredible social activities and events.


What do we look for:


  • Student in (pen)ultimate year of an analytical/quantitative or related field of study (mathematics, engineering, etc.);
  • Fluent in English
  • Affinity with financial markets
  • Evidence you can analyse a problem, take a view and make a decision
  • Knowledge of Python (or MATLAB) is a strong advantage
  • Desire to work in a team environment;
  • *BONUS: Developed or worked on a electronic trading systems / algorithms


We Offer


Internships at Agga have a minimum duration of 16 weeks. We are a young trading firm, which means that all the early team members are incredibly important to our future successes. This also means that we require hands-on mentality of our people and that you’ll work on a variety of projects.


If you are interested in this role, please submit a CV and cover letter to careers@agga.capital.

Open application (anything - all backgrounds)

Do you have some skills that you see fit in our company? Perhaps some expertise we are overlooking? Open applications (from all backgrounds) are always welcome at Agga. If you have affinity with financial markets and enjoy to work with data that you can apply no matter what your background.


You can apply at our company like this;


1. This is you:

  • You make things happen
  • Speak English fluently
  • Want to learn about (or work in) algorithmic equity and/or crypto trading


2. Write us a cover letter

  • Tell us who you are,
  • What your interests are
  • What your opinion is about algorithmic trading
  • Write it in English, summarised in one page and most importantly; keep it original


3. Apply by sending your motivation to careers@agga.capital

  • Send us an up-to-date version of your resume / C.V.
  • Send us your motivation letter
  • We’ll get back to you within a week


If you have any questions regarding our services, careers or are interested in a possible partnership, please get in touch with our team via contact@agga.capital.

If you have questions about or want to apply for internships and job opportunities, you can write to careers@agga.capital.

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